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Micro-Memory pillows mould and adapt to the shape of your head and neck to offer firm head and neck support.

Italian designed and engineered, Micro-Memory is available exclusively from Lifson Products.

This range of pillows has a cult-like following in the USA and Europe, most likely because tests show that Micro-Memory pillows have proven to help release muscular tension.

These pillows are manufactured from new age memory fibre and are encased in satin downproof fabric.

The difference between Micro-Memory pillows and widely available memory foam pillows is that memory foam typically traps heat inside, which causes one to sweat. The new age memory fibre that Micro-Memory pillows are made from, allows air to circulate beneath your head preventing a build-up of heat and moisture and creating a comfortable, hygienic micro-climate.


  • Exclusive to Lifson Products
  • Firm head support
  • Proven to relieve muscle tension in neck and shoulders
  • Anti-Allergenic

Micro-Memory Products

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