Fine Fibre

Range Information

Fine Fibre is our Down Alternative range that feels like the softest Goose down. The duvets and pillows in this range are light, soft and luxuriously comfortable. They also mould to your shape just like down does.

The filling used in this range is engineered in Europe and is available exclusively from Lifson Products. These duvets provide ‘warmth without weight’, which is the mark of a quality duvet and only possible with a high quality filling.

We quilt our Fine Fibre duvets in Lifson Products’ signature diamond pattern, which ensures that the fibre filling can’t shift during the night and cause cold spots.

Our Fine Fibre duvets and pillows are safe for house dust mite allergy sufferers. This is because the duvets and pillows in the range are encased in durable, 100% Cotton downproof fabric, which house dust mites cannot penetrate. This range is also anti-allergenic, not known to cause allergies.

The Fine Fibre range also carries our ESRM mark, indicating that it is made using ethically sourced raw materials.

All of our Fine Fibre products are machine washable.

Fine Fibre duvets are available in two varieties:

      • Moderate for warmer climates.
      • Premium for cooler climates.

Fine Fibre pillows are available in:

      • Soft/medium
      • Medium/firm


      • Feels like the softest Goose down
      • Moulds to your body like a down product
      • Safe for house dust mite allergy sufferers.
      • Anti-Allergenic
      • Made using ethically sourced raw materials – ESRM
      • Casings comply with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100

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