Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions aren’t just merely to look at, they should make a couch, sofa or bed more comfortable, which they can do if their inners are made using a quality filling.

Our scatter cushions are filled either with Goose Feather & Down or Fine Fibre.

The quality and features of our Royal Comfort and Fine Fibre ranges extend to our scatter cushions. The filling used in our Royal Comfort Goose feather & down scatter cushions is EDFA compliant and NOMITE certified. They also carry our ESRM mark, indicating that they are made using ethically sourced raw materials.

Fine Fibre scatter cushions feel like the softest down are NOMITE certified and carry our ESRM mark.

We are able to custom make scatter cushion inners to any size.

When it comes to purchasing scatter cushion inners it is advisable to purchase your inners 5cm bigger than the scatter cushion outer casing.

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